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Well, aside from the two recent (meaning last posted) journals which I've been tagged in, it's been a while since I gave an official journal update in regards to what's been going on. And by a while, I mean the last time I gave a real update was back towards the end 2015, and a lot has changed since then. 

Not going to lie, the past few years (2014-2016)... has been a bit of a roller coaster for me. Had several ups and downs, but, I've also learned a great amount about myself in the process while growing as a person in general. More so in fact than all other previous years combined I feel like. Since the end of 2013, I've learned how to socialize and hold conversations (proud of that one actually), how to properly write stories (Though I'm still learning. Thanks teach :iconmissriverstyxx:), and have a much better direction of where I want to move towards in life. Now, the reason I'm telling you this, is because like I stated above, I've had several ups and downs over the last couple years. And while part of me would like to give a list for both, another part of me would rather just acknowledge the fact that I've had ups and downs, not dwell on them, and just move forward. Learning from those moments and experiences as to make better choices later on while growing as a person at the same time. After all, it takes both good and bad experiences to define who we are and who we choose to be. 

Now, with that little bit of personal growth and learning out of the way, what's going on with fanfiction? Mergence is discontinued, plain and simple. As much as I would "love" to travel down that road as to why it's discontinued, I've explained it so many times by now (on fanfiction) that explaining it again would just be redundant at this point. It's now just being used as a reminder of what NOT to do as I now write my own original series. I will say this however, had it been complete, I do think it would have been one heck of a block buster trilogy for the fandom. Unfortunately though, that just wasn't the case. But, like I said, it serves as a reminder, so it's premature end was not for nothing. Speaking of Spyro (since it was TLOS Mergence), I've been thinking for a long while now about writing some little shorts. Wouldn't be a full on book or plot, so, nothing to really stress me out in terms of thinking. But, some little shorts where I take a more realistic approach to the universe and timeline, just for fun. Been writing off grid in a sense for a long while now and feel that possibly doing this could improve my writing even more (especially since I could actually receive feedback lol). What does everyone think?

Deviantart... yeah, so, said I would learn how to draw last year, and never did. Besides lack of motivation and patience, started doing much better on YouTube. So, at least the time wasn't wasted.

Alright, time for my first ever tag. Rules are simple, tag some people, and have them answer the following (or possibly not):
1 - Has there ever been a time(s) in your life where you've noticed yourself change as a person?
2 - If yes to the question of above, what were the changes you noticed?
3 - Is there anything you would like to change about yourself? If so, why?
4 - Are you satisfied with where you are now? (in terms of life, career path, socially, etc)

Tagging: :iconmissriverstyxx: , :iconthinkoutsidethefox: , :iconblitzy-arts: , :icongoldengriffiness: , :iconmaze-eye: , :iconmagicboy13: , :iconavimus:

Till next time, Graywolf signing out


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Happy birthday man :)
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Haha, thanks Majestic :icondragonhug:
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I don't normally do that sort of thing ^^;
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Hello Wolf, how have you been?
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Hey Maze-Eye! Doing fine, just woke up, tired XD

How about you? Thanks for the watch btw ^_^
Maze-Eye Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm doing okay. :| (Blank Stare)  You're very welcome wolf, what sort of person would I be if I didn't support my spyro buddies.:D (Big Grin) 
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Honored to be considered a buddy :)
Pefkas Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Elegant drawing, continue in the same spirit.I saw a lot of artifacts, yes, there are certainly not experienced artists but even if you do not you are very proffesional draw.I think you learned a long time to draw it?I am a dummy! Usually drawing is a difficult work.Personally, I almost gave life, and even from childhood learned to draw.Wink/Razz 
wolfartist115 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2015
Thanks :)
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